Channel Letters

Channel letters are custom signs made from aluminum with plastic letters and can be installed almost anywhere. They are used mostly as signage on the outside of storefronts, strip malls, and public buildings, but they can be used indoors as well. These signs are usually illuminated, although they don’t have to be. If you plan to open a business, channel letters should be your first choice of sign. They greatly help businesses grow their identity, you don’t have a business if no one can see you?

All our channel letter signs are customs! There are hundreds of styles, sizes, and colors. We can produce any font/style to fit your business needs. There are even illumination options, such as light from front face, back-lit only, or both.

Channel letters are designed to last for years, and we try to use the best material out there to make that happen. There is very little maintenance that you need to do, and we are always happy to visit our customers to troubleshoot and make speedy repairs!

Contact us to find more information about channel letter signs, and how they can help your business grow.

We are a family-owned Father-n-Sons company that provides a personalized service. We will help you make decisions about your sign work. We do the designing, permit paperwork, manufacturing, and installation.